So, it has been a minute, or way more than a minute since I wrote on here. Besides the busyness of the end of the year, I will say I was in a funk. I was not sure what I should write to you or if I even had anything of value to send to you. You see, I am a work in progress, but I do have a message to share. I have spent way too many days and months and dare I say, even years wondering if I have anything of value to bring to others. I have learned how quickly I can let in the stinkin’ thinkin’ about myself creep in. No matter what personal development I listen to or read, let’s face it, I am still human. I am not perfect, nor am I expected to do so. I know that the steps I am taking toward creating a space for you to feel loved and encouraged is still there even if I don’t do it exactly toward plan. So, today I am writing to you with a raw and open heart. 

I really truly know that God has placed me in this position to speak to you and share what I have learned in the hopes to help you along. My passion for lifelong transformation is true in all areas of my life and sometimes that journey is messy. In my company we talk about Embracing the Obstacles as the way. So, I am embracing my lack of posts and using them as a fuel to help me move forward. It is time to show you the real and true Stephanie when I write to you. I always say that it is all about “Progress, Not Perfection” to those I coach, but often forget to tell that to myself. So, just in case you are like me, I am letting you know that it is okay to not be perfect and we are actually growing even more when we fail forward!

On Saturday morning

On Saturday during our team time after our amazing training (this is truly my favorite part of Saturdays! It is not required training, but more like hanging with the some of the most amazing, encouraging and loving people for an hour or so.), we talked about who we are and the way we speak to ourselves verses what we said to ourselves when we were younger. We were encouraged to look for a picture of ourselves when we were younger . I was trying to look for a picture that incorporates all of the thoughts and growth I made during my years and was just stuck. I don’t have too many pictures to choose from and went through the small amount many times. 

What picture do I choose?

Do I share the picture of me at Kindergarten graduation when, as young as I was, remember that my dress was not as frilly as my friend? Or so I post the many school pictures where I didn’t smile quite right and wonder why in the world I wanted to cut my hair? What if I share a picture from when I was little and would stand with my arms out wide without a care in the world? Then it hit me, each one of those pictures shows a history of who I was and what has made me who I am today. When I see some of the pictures I noticed that even at a young age I already worried about what others may think of me. I remember wondering if I was good enough or worthy enough for friendship or success, but then see things I accomplished during my young life. I see the friendships I shared and the friendships lost. I see the growth, I see the change and I see the woman God created me to be. 

Today in my team time we talked about failing forward and how the failures we embrace will carry us farther. I cannot help but see the correlation between these two talks.

  • These questions came to mind
    • Who would I have become if I didn’t have those thoughts of comparison?
    • How would I view others if everything came super easily to me?
    • What kind of compassion would I hold if all of those relationships always went smoothly?

Even though there are points in my past that I would love to re-do, I know every step I have walked through has allowed me to be who I am.

I am so very thankful for the team time that is like a special time with family. Each time we are together I have the chance to look beyond who I am and see how I have been crafted by Him to walk with others and their journey. I have the privilege to be part of someone else’s story even for a little while. 

So, from now on I will keep this picture of me near me. I chose a picture that I liked. One that was before any stinkin’ thinkin’ about who I was started to creep in. I will talk to her and speak to her the words that I would want her to know. I want to tell her to “Fail Early. Fail Often. Fail Forward.” I will tell her that the journey she is walking are the stepping stones to all she will become in the days ahead. She is loving and worthy to be loved, she has all she needs to move forward with the Lord at her side, she is an encourager to others and has a passion to love and serve others more. <3

Questions to ask yourself…

What do you need to tell to your younger self? What lessons have you learned along the way that help you now? What do you tell yourself now that you are on the other side of the failures in your life? 

I do hope you find some encouragement in this post and the ones in the future. Please share this with anyone that may need to give themselves a little grace today. 

I appreciate you!

Thank you for reading, thank you for listening. I hope you have an amazing day and a wonderful week! 

Love, Stephanie

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