Decided to be a bit vulnerable. Sharing a bit of my heart today…

After a conversation with someone today, I came to the conclusion that even though I continue to work on myself and grow and expand, I still let the old soundtracks define me moving forward.

Real Talk

Do you ever do that?

It’s so easy to talk yourself out of going toward something that’s important to you and letting your insecurities and doubts creep in. I try to be as authentic as I can when I post and share my pictures of what’s going on in my life. I’ll be honest that sometimes I don’t share the things that I’m contending for as openly as other things, but I guess that makes me, well, human.

My life has changed dramatically with my health journey, but I still have things that I am contending for. Each of us have a goal or an ideal way that we want to see ourselves and can quickly jump into criticizing ourselves for not reaching something we put in front of us.


Overtime I have been fortunate to have the mentorship, coaching and tools in front of me to help me far beyond anywhere I thought I could have. I cannot say how very thankful I am for this!

Proverbs 4:11,12

When we were children we dreamed big, we lived out loud and enjoyed life. However, at some point we let the world around us affect how to respond and what we say and what we do. We put that child (US) in a box and added expectations to perform in a specific way. You can read my last post (from quite awhile ago) about who we are as a child here.

God created YOU unique and for a purpose. God created me unique and for a purpose. He really did!!

One of the ways that God has allowed me to grow is through my journey of wellness. Not only have I released weight off my body, but I’ve released all kinds of mental weight as well. I don’t know which I am more thankful for.

I still contend every day, but with the support I have in my coaches and community I’m able to continue to grow.

Confession, even though I feel better than I have in a really long time, I’m not at my healthy BMI. Being at the healthy BMI has been a goal I’ve had for many years, but have settled where I am. (This is a goal I have for myself and I am reaching for this because it is what I want to accomplish.) I do feel amazing, but knowing the full goal is not met tries to creep in and make me feel unworthy. This is SO not true, it is just what my old soundtracks are trying to tell me.

I am reminded to be grateful! What I have accomplished and maintain for three years has completely blown my mind and way more than I thought I ever would be able to do again. This is to be celebrated and it is more than okay to do so!!

Psalm 32:8

However, even thought I am still contending for a goal it is okay that I am not perfect. I tell my clients all of the time it is progress, not perfection. Even though I still make choices that may not serve me well, I now have something different. I have learned the tools to pick myself back up and contend for what I want. Through this journey I have learned I am worthy of reaching the goals I have set before me. My journey is not done and that is okay!

How is YOUR journey?

How is your journey? What do you want to move past and continue to do the heart work. Yes, I said heart work rather than hard work. We get to create something amazing in our lives amongst the ups and downs. YOU get to create what you want in your life!

So, how do you do this? First, I say this all of the time, but I am here for you. Will the road be perfect and easy? Probably not. However, it will be totally worth contending for you!

 I would love to walk alongside you and help you discover this journey as well. Let’s bring out who you once were and let them get out of that box and shine radiantly. 

Thanks for listening. As usual, if this is something that you want to chat about, please reach out. If you think this would help someone else, please pass it on to them!

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