So, I have been trying to get myself to start writing for almost a year. Now, I spent some of that time trying to decide what I would write about, but it took almost a year to start to write. What would the words I put on the screen do for someone else? I mean, let’s face it, I am an average mom, with 2 kids, a dog and a husband. What could I write about that would be helpful, inspire, or for that matter, even be interesting? I am not the best with grammar and not typically a great storyteller, but for some reason I have had a tug on my heart to write for a long time. I am not an avid reader, but once I start reading I usually enjoy it. Recently I started listening to books on Audible and have loved it so far. I find little time in my average day to sit and read, but listening to books has been amazing.  

Wanting to grow and learn more, I decided to make listening to podcasts a priority and I am so glad I have!! I have been inspired by so many women. Many times I have a sense that I missed out somewhere along the line by not stepping up to the blogging/podcast trend years ago. If I came down to it, I would love the chance to connect with other women through the blogging world, travel and listen to speakers and learn how to better myself for life and ministry. There are so many godly women out there I can learn from and be influenced to do amazing things.

I thought about writing a blog on organization and cleaning of the home, or our journey to homesteading, which I really don’t see that happening anytime soon, though it was an attractive idea to my husband and I awhile ago, or maybe my Grubby Primitives business. There are endless ideas on what to write and talk about, but nothing was standing out to me. What was I supposed to write about? Who would be my audience? Would people even care what I wrote about? I am sure most bloggers starting out would think the same things. Or am I just too critical of myself?

One day after listening to the audiobook Breaking Busy by Ali Worthington, she said something that just allowed my brain to connect to what my purpose for blogging is. I can’t remember what she said and I will probably fill that in later, but I knew I had a reason to blog! What is it, you ask? Keep reading and I will tell you.

Recently, my son Ryan started his adventure in college. Yep. We enjoyed his Senior year, relished in every event, concert, musical, contest and more, soaking up every bit of time we had with him before he took off to school. Where did the time go? How can he already be heading to college? Wasn’t he just five years old? Seriously, the old expression “Time Flies” can feel so true in stages like these.

The transition hasn’t been too bad after dropping Ryan off to his campus a little over an hour away from our home. However, I do miss him so much. I keep telling others, “Knowing he is happy, makes it easier. I know he is where he is supposed to be and that makes it more bearable.” Though there is a little truth in that statement, I do miss him so much! Our house is much quieter without him at home. Ryan would always be singing or at least listening to music and he left a big hole in our home. I miss our talks we would have before he would leave for school or when we would both be home long enough to spend some time talking. Ryan and I would spend a lot of time talking together. He was my son first, but also my friend. His friends, were part of our lives too. My daughter Makenna and Ryan, don’t even get me started. They have such a great relationship and I am grateful, but is has been a hard transition for Makenna as well.

All of this is where the blogging with a purpose came in. I’ve read many blogs about keeping the home, trying the next recipe, how to be a mom of small children, the best homesteading and homeschooling hacks and so on. However, what do you do when your kids are older? Where do you fit in when  you have a Freshman in college and a Freshman in High School? As a mom, what is my purpose now? What should I be doing now my kids are older? Should I be doing something extraordinarily different than before? Is there a proper next step as you enter into a different stage of the adult life? This is the direction I need. How do I discover who God wants for me now my kids aren’t so dependent upon me? How can I strengthen my relationship with my spouse? What can my husband Matt and I do to help us come together closer before Makenna goes to college and leave us empty nesters? Am I really old enough to be talking about any of this?

What if there was a blog about the transition, the time where I need to “re-invent” the Stephanie I thought I was? So, this is my start. I wrote the introduction, now I need to write what’s next. I do hope you will enjoy my journey toward discovery and invite you along for the ride.