This morning I woke up at 5:09. (A little later than yesterday, but it is the second day so I am giving myself a break.) It was hard to roll out of bed and even though I am trying this new early rise thing, I know I probably could use a little more sleep. I have stayed up later than normal the two nights before I started to wake up early. Lol Tonight I may get to bed a “normal” time.

As I have enjoyed this morning and the quiet, Bible reading, breathing and the like, I realized how much my soul needed this time. Just the second day in and I am breathing life into my day. I notice what is around me, beyond the floor that may need swept or carpet vacuum lines that are disappearing. Today I noticed the wind.

We moved into our house at the end of July so each day brings something new to our lives. Today I noticed the wind. I know the weather isn’t supposed to be super great today and that bums me out, but I cannot help but notice the beauty of the wind this morning. I opened the porch door to let the stinky dog (My affectionate name for our dog Sparky) and the wind was loud. If I closed my eyes I could imagine the sound was the waves crashing against the rocks at the beach.

I grew up in the state of Oregon and I loved visiting the coast. We called it the coast out there because even though it was a beach with sand and ocean, it was usually cold. I rarely went there on a day it wasn’t overcast and windy. The air was fresh and the smell of salt water taffy filled the boardwalk. I have been to other beaches throughout the States and none of them were really the same as the Oregon coast.

I loved going to the coast when I was younger. It made me feel fresh and new and ready to explore. It was so pretty and the ocean looked liked it never ended. The sand was course and the waves crashed loudly against the rocks . Such a beautiful place amongst the dreary weather Oregon had so often.

This morning when I heard the wind I was brought right back to the ocean (without the smells of course). I love being outside and enjoying the atmosphere as long as it isn’t too cold outside. The freshness of the air on a day like to day is awesome. It is renewing and life filling.

This is so much like what it feels like to have Christ refresh and renew us each day. Opening up the Bible and reading from God’s word is like that refreshing wind this morning or the fresh sea air of the coast. I am not sure where you are today in your spiritual journey, but I encourage you to read God’s word today. You don’t need anything fancy, no special plan, just read. Start with the book of John in the New Testament or read a Proverb every day.

There are all kinds of resources for you to find a way into reading the bible. From YouVersion studies or daily posts from different authors or programs like Daily hope with Rick Warren, Proverbs 31 Ministries and the First Five app. The list of all the resources could be another post altogether. I just encourage you to read. Take a deep breath and allow God to speak life into your day.

There is a song by Audio Adrenaline that I always enjoyed listening to. It talks about breathing in and out and starting your day with Christ. You can listen to This Day here. I hope you find time to breathe in and breathe out today, notice your surroundings and choose to let God in.


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