I have not been writing posts the last few days and it is pretty sad. I just have been busy. I know lame excuse, but I really feel like I have been busy.

Life does that sometimes, doesn’t it? We have good intentions to follow through and then we make excuses when we don’t accomplish what we set out to do. Excuses are around us and even though most of the time I would say you shouldn’t make an excuse for not finishing something, sometimes I wonder if we put too much pressure on ourselves to accomplish them?

I know that is my case with writing. Two days before I started to challenge myself to Write for 31 Days, I saw a post about writing for 31 days. No prep time, no finding time in my schedule, just start writing. Though, I know I can make this work, I do have to have some type of balance in my life. At the same time I began the challenge I started rising early to try to do The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, trying to be on time for work, and be focused on journaling. So, even though I didn’t write every day, I have made progress.

In the book, Make it Happen by Lara Casey, she talked about spending ten minutes writing down everything on your mind you feel you need to do. Ten whole minutes not stopping when you think you are done, but write for ten minutes. Let your mind download it all on paper. She went on to explain how to create a to do list for the day and to only put down three items to accomplish. Three items? How can that be? Then she said to start with the hard ones first. Or at least those on the list that appear over and over again, but you never really intend to do. Ha, I KNOW I do that. I say I need to make an appointment with the doctor, but then I never do. I say I didn’t have time or come up with another lame excuse. However, if we intentionally write down three specific tasks for the day, we will be more likely to complete them. I don’t want to take away from what she has written so well, so follow this link to read what Lara recommends.

As I continue to discover my peace, passion and potential, these areas of growth are so important. Learning to live intentionally in all aspects of my life is going to allow me to become a better wife, mom, daughter, employee and friend. 

So, I challenge you to write down all the to dos you have floating around in your head and start giving yourself measurable and attainable daily task lists. Be intentional and authentic. Use the time to quiet your heart and even allow God to enter in to your heart and mind and allow you to completely dump and release.


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