Discovering your potential is something I think you learn over time. I have a lot to learn about who I am and what God has planned for me, but the journey on the way there can be scary and unknown. How will I be stretched and grow?

This morning I was reminded of a Musical I had the privilege of performing in about three years ago at our local theatre. This show was extremely fun and I really do believe my life changed for the better when I was in it. I played a role that stretched me out of my comfort zone. It was one of the more larger rolls that I had ever had. I sang a song that had me closely interact with the cast, stand on the table and then pretend to pass out. It was crazy and scary and exciting.

When the director first told me what he wanted me to do I was so scared and unsure of myself. I thought there was no way I was going to do what he wanted and yet stay in my safe little box, but you know what? I did it! It was fun. I sang my heart out and even added to the crazy of that song. I began to come out of my shell and realized that even though I want to be a a certain way, that did not mean I couldn’t take risks.

I have always put pressure on myself to perform in a certain way and to hide my true self just in case someone didn’t approve. I am a good girl, I have always done what is right and that is okay. However, I know now that who God made me to be shouldn’t be hidden just because I am afraid. I definitely should not be afraid of who God made me to be, quirkiness and all.

As you continue to work out your life and seek what God has planned, don’t squish your potential. Make sure to lean into Him for guidance, but don’t let yourself get in the way of being the true you!

 being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will
cary it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 1:6



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