Ok, a few days missed, but hey…still more writing than in the past.

Today is another band contest day. The weather is less to be desired with the high only getting to 53 degrees. ThisĀ  forecast is not fum to read after a rainy and cold football Friday. I am not looking forward to the cold and wind and maybe rain today. I didn’t look at the full forecast because I don’t think I am ready to sit in the wet and rain tonight quite yet. Whatever it does out there, we still need to be there.

This got me to thinking about how important things can be during the moment, during the time you are walking through a season. Band contest is fun and so important to my daughter and the kids in the band. They have been working so hard since the end of July to perfect and get their performance to the standard they want. Reaching for the Superior rating is what it is all about, getting to state contest and receiving the recognition they desire. This day is important to my daughter and the band, just as these contest days were important to my son when he was in band, but how long will this be important in our lives?

Last night I was able to talk to one of my son Ryan’s best friends from High School. He came to the wet and cold rainy game (Why would anyone want to do that. lol) to check out the band’s half time show. He talked about his experiences in the college band he was now in and how different high school was. He remembered how important it was at the time to perform for those contests, but at the same time, he didn’t remember everything. Only two years later and those contests were not so important.

How much is that like in our lives today? We worry and stress about the things we have on our plate as if they will matter forever. Now, I am not saying that everything we put our energy into doesn’t matter or that it won’t affect the rest of our lives in some way, but most of the time it is for a season. The many things that are so important to us now will fade away and eventually become a distant memory.

I want to make sure that the things I put my energy into matter. I will put all of my helpful band mom effort on today as we head to contest because this is what matters today. I will just keep in mind that this is only a temporary time of cold, within a few weeks, months or years the time I spent outside in the cold won’t matter. What will matter was that I was there for my daughter. I will cherish the time we have because soon enough these times will be distant memories.

What has you worried or upset about today? Are there things that are stealing your energy that won’t really matter in the long run? Take a look at what is on your heart and mind and make sure that what you focus on will last.

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