Yesterday I took a bike ride and noticed the sunflowers pictured above. I love riding my bike on the trail near our house and see the butterflies, birds, chipmunks, and what I think are ground hogs that gather around the trail.

The sunflowers stood out to me because for quite awhile on the trail everything is just green. The weeds are large and are in various sizes and shapes and shades of green, but somehow all look beautiful in their own way. It is definitely the evidence of summer.

The reason the sunflowers caught my eye was not only the bold yellow against the green, but also how they were standing tall amongst the weeds. These two little sunflowers were all alone on the path away from any others like them. Being they were near other weeds, I am guessing the seed was dropped there by a bird or animal at one point. They grew where they were placed without hesitation. They received the right amount of soil and water to do their thing and grew right where they were placed.

This made me think about us and how we so often stunt our bloom because we don’t think we are in the right place or our timing was not quite right. Over the last year or so I have learned that taking steps toward growth, despite the obstacles that come my way, is so worth it. If I had waited until everything was just right to take my health into priority, I may not be where I am today. Had those before me not bloomed where they were planted when the time arose, I may not be where I am today.

Sometimes in life we are looking for the perfect situations to begin something. However, I have found that most of the time the perfect situation never is really here. Stepping out in faith to make a change, take a risk, move ahead, is just that, a step. You are not expected to be perfect and do everything perfect, but the step is what counts. Growing where you are planted and doing the steps needed to succeed.

I know the sunflowers on the path are not perfect, but they still have grown. Maybe they would have grown faster if they were surrounded by other sunflowers or were harvested on purpose where they were planted, but the point is, they did grow. They put aside whatever obstacles could have been in their way and just grew.

So, the challenge is this, what are you waiting to do, that you just need to step out in faith and do?

Will you be the sunflower standing among the weeds, or the seed that are waiting for the right and perfect conditions?

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