Friday morning I was privileged to be part of a planning session for a training call that occurs Saturday morning. I am not in the place of leadership that most of the leaders are in on this call, but I was still recommended to be part of the group. Last week I was humbled to have a chance to share a little on the training. It went well, even though I was super nervous, and I really hope it helped someone out there.

Friday’s training time really centered around mindset. Since I have started my journey, the growth in my mindset has been my biggest and most impactful part of my journey. I am thrilled to be weighing less and stepping toward wellness in my body, but I had no idea I would grow in other areas.

It really does seem crazy to me that I am considered a leader. I have always labeled myself as the girl who is quiet and doesn’t say much. I am the one who has huge ideas and dreams, but they are just in my mind, no action is usually done. Through my mindset shift, I find myself doing so many more things than I ever even imagined. For example, talking on a zoom (video call) to other leaders for 5 minutes…wait was that really me? Ha!

Have you ever heard of limiting beliefs? This was a new term for me until I started to work on my personal development. I never knew there was a way to build confidence or increase my leadership skills. I always thought I was just that quiet, shy girl who would always have dreams of doing something big, but would never be capable. I really thought I would never move ahead in life and change just wasn’t ever going to happen. I had a limiting belief that I could never be something more than a shy girl with some gifts, but I didn’t have anything that would ever propel me forward. I felt stuck, unlucky, unworthy, and incomplete.

As a Christ follower, I have understood that I should be content with my life no matter the circumstances, so I always worried that dreaming big would be against what God wanted. However, I have learned the difference between dreaming big and going toward the goals God has laid in my heart and being content. I think a good amount of my drive is because it is founded by a solid why. My why is the deep reason or the foundation for wanting to reach my dreams. God has given me amazing abilities to do the work He has designed for me. Who am I to allow my own disbelief to speak louder than the call God has laid on my heart?

I have found my community within my company to be a big part of my growth. I have learned from mentors and friends and have been challenged to grow more in the last year and a half, then I have had my whole life. This learning and growing is something I am enjoying.  Seriously, I am! I may not always like what I am challenged with, but with my shift in mindset, each thing that is brought before me is easier to take in and listen to. I look at ways to grow and improve each day to chase better than I was the day before. The way I have been challenged to grow has been resulting in amazing change, change I really never thought could take place. 

Do you have anyone in your sphere of influence to help challenge you to grow? Is there anyone who listens to what you say and helps you see it in a different way? Anyone in your tribe that isn’t afraid to lovingly challenge you to look at your situation through a different lens? 

What are you reading or listening to that will help you broaden your mindset for growth? Do you even take time during the day to do things that will help you chase better each day? I will write another post about some of the books and podcasts I have really enjoyed in my journey of growth. I definitely have not arrived, but the growth I have made spurs me on to travel ahead and realize my future is bright and full of dreams and goals that will become a reality. I am becoming each day, how about you?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your❤️ I have learned that each season of life is a learning season. I am so thankful to be on a personal journey to take care of myself!

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