So, we all have times where we put a ton of pressure on ourselves to get things done. We make a long list to add all the things that we want to accomplish and then feel overwhelmed. We rarely take time to focus on the things that really matter because we allow the urgent to creep in and take over our lives and schedules. This urgency creates an overwhelming pressure and most often nothing gets fully completed.

I wanted to write through some of the struggles I have with feeling overwhelmed. I used to be the person that would write down all the things I wanted to do and even wrote down “cry” a few times on the list. I was in a state of pressure always wanting to accomplish more and thinking I was never amounting to more. I would spin around and look at the day and wonder what in the world did I do all day. This is usually after I have been able to check off an enormous amount of tasks on my to-do list, but not completing it, so therefore, I failed. Anyone relate?

What do you have set on your heart and mind that you want to do? How are you implementing your goals and dreams into your day-to-day routine? What structure are you setting up to make sure the things you do each day point toward your ultimate goals. Do you even have goals? Taking time to brain dump all the things that clutter your mind and really find out what the purpose and passion you have first will really help you as you move forward. How can you move forward if you don’t have the general direction you’re heading to?

When it comes to different roadblocks in our lives or different shifts of focus, it is helpful to have some sort of vision ahead of you. Yes, there is room for those big goals, but what about the weekly goals? What is the one thing you can do today to chase better and reach for your next milestone? Maybe it is finding your top 3 things to complete in a day; maybe you have a top 5? Maybe you choose one goal each day and then if you have time you can focus on the other things that are important to you? 

Do you ever wander around the house like this? I am on my way to put something in the recycling bin in the garage. I put it in the bin and turn around and see the laundry needs to be switched. I fluff the dryer and fold the clothes I pulled out earlier that are laying on the dryer. I then stand there and fold the clothes I just fluffed up and put the next load in the dryer. Then it is off to get another load of laundry, but wait, there are a few dishes that need to be put in the dishwasher. So, you do that quickly, wipe up the counters, pick up a few items that needs to go to your kids room and on the way you notice a few cups that need to go in the dishwasher. You gather those cups up, go back to the kitchen, put those away and then remember you were going to start another wash. Off to gather the clothes for the next load and notice the dog got to some tissues. You clean that up, and realize he needs brushed, so you get the dog cleaned up, give him his treat for dealing with the brushing torture and so on. Suddenly, two hours have gone by and you still haven’t started the load of laundry and it is now time to start dinner…anyone relate?

When we move through the day without structure we often walk around like that aimlessly. We get “a lot done” but we feel more overwhelmed and less accomplished then we would have if we would have had set main goal tasks to complete in the day. Had I just stuck to the plan and worked on the laundry and had a plan of what to do while waiting to switch the next load, I would have been able to complete the laundry and finish a few other items I had in place to do. I would have accomplished important things on my list and not a ton of things half done because I didn’t stick to my structure. 

This summer I took a course called The Fifteen Minute Formula with Cara Harvey. Let me just say she is awesome! This course is so worth your time and I HIGHLY recommend it. You can click the link here to join the course. She helps you break down your day in 15 minute increments to stop feeling overwhelmed and help you take charge of your daily schedule and habits. Seriously, go check it out right now. (Well, after you finish reading of course.)

Between Cara’s class and reading through The Joy of Missing Out by Tonya Dalton, my perspective has changed dramatically. I have read so many books on productivity, tried out a ton of planners and implemented so many programs, but always have come up short. I get in my own way, don’t follow the tips and help I have learned along the way and let stinkin’ thinkin’ creep into my mind again and again.

With these two tools, as well as the training within my company, much of that has gone away. I am in NO means doing things perfectly, but I do have a rhythm and flow to my days when I stick to my structure. When I became a health coach and started some of the AMAZING training provided for free by the company. Through the training I began to learn more and more about myself, my structure and the need for it. I have been learning to put the important rocks in place and how important these rocks are to have a successful business, home life, self care and development routine, spiritual growth, physical health and more. You can read the illustration about the Mason Jar and putting rocks in your schedule here. When you make time for the most important things in your life AND actually do the things you have set out to do, there is a huge change. Life flows and you really do accomplish the things that are most important to you. There are a ton of resources for your health on this website, but please reach out if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help you!

So, I challenge you to really examine the main priorities in your life. Write them down and then find ways to actually implement these in your schedule. For a free Top Priority sheet to help you focus, you can click the link here! If family is your top priority, how is this showing up in your day to day life? What about your health? Do you have the things necessary to work on your health in place? Do you really make time for your priorities?

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