Meet Stephanie

It is so good to meet you here. I am a woman who follows after Christ and does her best each day to chase better. I love being creative and living life to the full. Recently I have gained a love for coffee and learning different ways to brew and enjoy. You can usually find me listening to an audio book, podcast or a course of some type learning and growing to help me become a better mom, wife, friend and more. Whether it is sitting on my back porch, taking a bike ride or going for a walk I really love the time I have to be in the warmth and sunshine. Winter and I have a love/hate relationship. Lol!  I love being a mom and supporting my kids and their dreams and goals, supporting my husband each day and helping other moms find their dreams and passions for life.

I have always had a heart to help others, but after taking control of my health in 2018, my life and mission has changed to help others find overall wellness.  From being a wife, mom, author/blogger, Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Life coach for women, I keep myself busy. I am thankful you are here and hope that you will find encouragement and community with me along the journey.

Meet my Family!

The Book Family

Here we are, The Book Family or The Book Club as we call ourselves in our group messaging name! My husband Matt and I have been married for 25 years and we are so privileged to be parents to Ryan and Makenna. We enjoy time together playing games (usually Matt’s chooses to do this activity), watching movies together (usually I choose this), or shopping (Ryan and Makenna’s choice). We also have an adorable little miniature dachshund who is the cutest “Old Man Puppy” there is, Sparky. Sparky is 13 years old, still looks like a puppy, but gets around slower these days. We just love him so much. 

Join the journey with me…

As I transition in my life, discovering who I am as a wife, mom, friend, (insert role here), I hope I can help you along your journey. I will share my life with you and tell you what worked and what didn’t. Within each post I will aim to give you tips and tricks, scripture or just a great lesson I think may help you along the way. Thank you for joining me and being part of this walk toward defining you.