Last week I was listening to various Organizers in an Organized HQ online daily courses. They were great! I believe they have done these for a few years, so I assume there will be more! I am not sure if you can join these after the fact, but you can go to the I Heart Planner website and enroll in her FREE organization course. Go here to learn more.

One thing I realized I have always enjoyed is the “idea” of organizing. I would not say I am the most organized person, but I am definitely interested in organizing and love the thought of having everything have a place. I am not sure if I just like the look of pretty organization or if I actually long to have things organized. 🙂 Anyone else with me?

Pretty, right? Found this on Pinterest.

On these webinars there has been a ton of tips shared. Quite a few of them I have used for years and other ideas were new to me. I think the excitement of having an organized life gets me energized than the actual completing of organizing. I will spend lots of time learning about ways to organize and probably could actually give away a ton of tips, but yet if you saw my desk right now, you would not want to trust what I say. Ha ha!

What are your favorite organization tips? How do you stay organized if you work at home? What is your biggest challenge? Let me know, maybe we can figure this organization thing out together. 🙂 Post your comments below or send me your thoughts via Instagram or Facebook.


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