As promised, I told you I would lay out some suggestions of books and podcasts that have really inspired me to grow in my mindset. My mindset shift has seriously changed my life and I want to help others see that they, too, can chase better and be so grateful they did. So, today I am recommending the book that began my journey to change in a different way. I am so very thankful for my growth and seriously know that each day I take steps to be a better me. 

To really recommend this book, it will help to tell you all about where it all started. I am privileged to have a mentorship team with my wellness/health coach business. I cannot tell you enough about how amazing these women are and how much they have poured into me in amazing ways. One of the days in our message thread, one of my mentors, Laurie, asked me what I was reading. I had already begun reading more and listening to audiobooks, but not really reading things that worked on who I was as a person. I read and listened to some amazing books that I still highly recommend, but nothing that truly worked on my mindset or how I looked at myself. I have always liked books where I learn something, but usually they are about organizing or working on perfecting my to do list or how to be a better Christ follower. Again, these books have been powerful in my life, as well, and have tons to recommend, but the book Laurie suggested was different. 

Laurie suggested I read the book “Change Your Questions, Change Your Life,” by Marilee Adams. This book gave me a different perspective on how I look at things that come at me and ultimately how I respond to them. I learned to have a Learner mindset instead of a Judger mindset. I ultimately learned how to reframe my mind to look at situations around me in a different light. She walks through a story of a couple and helps see show how changing their questions and how they approached things that came in their lives made a huge impact. Throughout the book, you learn how to apply these principles to look at your own life differently as well. Judger and Learner may not be what you think it is, so I highly recommend that you read this book. If you do, please let me know what you think. 🙂

So after reading this book, am I perfect? Ha! Absolutely not, but I am learning how to reframe my mindset and look at things with a different outlook. I am not a victim, but a woman walking along the journey God has laid out for me. I am not stuck in one way, not defined by what I have or have not done, but truly am growing and becoming who I am meant to be daily. I am meant for more and it is okay to work toward that more!

Do you have a book that has changed your perspective on life? I would love for you to share! I will have more recommendations for you, but I thought this was a great place to start.

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