Weary. That is quite the word, isn’t it? It seems like a fitting word for how many of us feel as we continue to walk through the unknown of our days. We stepped into a new year and realized that a turn over to a new year doesn’t fix all the chaos in our world. Somehow, we hoped that the clock striking 12 would be the thing we all needed to reset and make all things better. 

I know we all knew that moving from one day to the next wasn’t going to fix all of our problems, but the hope for new still rang true. What if things would magically be healed and we can go back to “normal”? 

As I was reading in my devotional time this morning and this verse jumped out at me. I think we can all identify with the word Weary. It is a perfect descriptive word about our crazy times right now. With Covid and all that has come from the illness, our lives will never be the same. I know many days it feels like a bod movie that will never end. I want to yell “Serenity Now” and hope all goes back to normal. (If you don’t know the reference to serenity now, go ask someone who enjoys the sitcom Seinfeld, they will fill you in. 🙂

However, the good news is, the verse isn’t focused on weariness at all! It doesn’t say, sit in weariness, but actually, the focus is on goodness. We are told keep on doing what is good and to not allow the weariness to rule. There is better coming and walking in the wonder and the Light of the Lord is where an how we rise up!

We are to rest in the Lord and keep on moving forward and encouraged to not give up and keep walking toward the good. We learn to keep on living and focusing on what will come. No, we don’t know how long this crazy will last and if there is really any “normal” for us to ever go back to, but that is not where our focus should lie. 

What we can focus on is continuing to live.

Choosing to flip the switch of living in fear, weariness and doom and focus on the good, the life, the love. Focusing on what we can control and living each day with the intention of goodness, kindness and love. What a brighter world we can live in when we focus on what is all around us now. We have the opportunity to bring hope to those around us by doing good and not giving up.

We cannot control what is going on in our world around us, but we can choose to continue to do good. Our focus gets to be on what we can control and choose how we walk through each day. Doesn’t that sound so much better than weariness?

Our focus gets to be on what we can control and choose how we walk through each day.

Now don’t lose me here, will all days be rainbows and sunshine if you switch your perspective? Of course not, we are human! The problems of our world are very real and affect so many lives every day. However, we can flip the switch and look toward what can do. We have the chance to live and continue on doing good. 

For those of you who feel like you are in a sea of weariness, I see you. I do not make light of how you feel at all! I just encourage you to take one small action and flip the switch toward the wonder that is still all around us. There is still so much good around us and why not embrace what you can control and be an overcomer!

If you can’t comprehend the Peace, Wonder and Light I speak of, please reach out. We are not meant to live life alone or carry our burdens without others to support us. Please know that this weariness can be healed by the Lord. Seek Him and allow the Peace only He can provide to surround you.

Keep on doing good, my friends. God has a plan. Don’t let the weariness rule and make a choice to shift your heart to the Light. 

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