The Equation for Success

In the free training I am privileged to have each week, I hear the equation, mindset + skillset + action = success, quite a bit. It is a formula for working toward a goal with your whole self committed to your “why”. When you have a vision in mind and have a specific “why” (the reason you do what you do) determined you can make successful steps toward achieving what you want. It makes sense and I say “I get it” and “I am doing it”, but in reality, I don’t think I am. 

I have been thinking today about all the different goals and habits I hope to have in place. In my time of reflection on dreams and desires I have on my vision board and all the things I have on my to-do list, I realized there was something missing from my equation.

I spend a lot of my time filling my mind with great things. Between my new desire to read more and the amazing ability for listening to audiobooks and the plethora of podcasts, I have been able to hear and learn so much! I have learned how to organize my time, use time blocks, write blog posts, go after dreams and goals, how to 10x things, create a morning routine, encourage others to do their best, and on and on. I have listened and successfully finished so many avenues of learning that it truly blows me away. However, today I really settled on one big problem, I am missing a step in the plan.

What is that step?

Action! In order to implement all I have learned, I must take one more step in the equation. Have you done this before? You listen to or read a book and they say something like this: “stop right now and write down…” or “before you go any further, take this step or do this action…” and you don’t. Now, in my defense, sometimes I am running and I cannot literally stop and write down my thoughts or do the action steps, but I don’t do it when I get home either. I really think this is an excuse to not take action.

Learning to ride a bicycle

For example, let’s look at riding a bicycle. I could do all the studying I can about how to ride a bicycle, spend time watching video after video of instruction, research and choose the best bike on the market, join the best cyclist group around, or even dress the part of an avid bicyclist. However, I don’t know how to really ride a bike until I get on one, right? Maybe I could get on the bike, balance and ride the very first time, but I really highly doubt that. No matter how much I desire to ride a bike and what I learn on riding a bike, unless I take action and get on the bike, I am not a cyclist. 

My point is that without action, we are missing a key component in growth and success. I think that it is really easy to learn things, but when we choose to take that step of action, it becomes real. There are chances of failure to come. We may not do something well the first many times and that causes us to not try. We worry about what others may say if we take action and they don’t like what we are doing. So often we can be so caught up in the excitement of learning and growing that we fall away from actually implementing it all. 

It’s time to take ACTION!

I encourage you to take action today. Whatever it may be, stop learning about it and move forward with action. Make a commitment. Find an accountability partner and let them know your plan and ask them to keep you in check. Here is an example of action I made this week. I created a video and posted my next goals and aspirations for my health on Facebook. Choosing to be vulnerable I let others hear and see I was taking action. Next I chose to not model learning without action so I laid it all on the line and took action. I was done reading and building the how to and finally went to work. I did this, and you can too! Now, I am not saying you have to put all of your goals on social media, but I do want you to take action on something. 

As for the rest of the equation I didn’t talk about today, If you are curious about the other steps, I encourage you to reach out and ask (Action, right?). Let me know what you want to take action on and I will do my best to support you however I can. 

In a world of such uncertainty, I am thankful for the chance to continue to grow and learn and be a better Stephanie each day. I do hope you will join me in Action this week! I would love to know what you are ready to take action on. You’ve got this!

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I appreciate you!

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