Wow, time is flying by! I cannot believe we are in mid-October. I have really enjoyed our Fall here in Ohio and am so thankful for the nice weather we have had. Last week I enjoyed all things Fall and visited the local pumpkin patch with my daughter, her friend and my health coach. We had a great time taking pictures and walking through the corn maze. Do you have a favorite Fall activity? I would love to know!

Podcasts to Listen to

Last week I shared some of my favorite mindset books and this week, as promised, I wanted to share another amazing way to grow your mindset, and that is through podcasts! Much like my love of audio books, I have really learned to love listening to podcasts. You can find almost any topic you can think of and there will be a podcast on it. I actually hope to have my own podcast someday. I would love the chance to share with all of you in a different way than typing on my computer! 

​​In my health journey, my mentors are always talking about our Traveling University and that is my favorite thing to do too. I do love to kick back at times and listen to some great music, but I love to listen to podcasts while I am in the car, on a bike ride, while folding laundry or even when I am getting ready in the morning. Do you listen to podcasts? If so, when do you make time to listen?​

Many of the podcasts I listen to help me grow and learn and others challenge me and inspire me to be a better entrepreneur and coach. Today I will share some that I have really enjoyed listening to and hope you will too.​My first podcast I listened to was a long time ago before podcasts were common knowledge about making Primitives. It was fun and I always learned new ideas. I learned a few things about blogging from another podcast, but didn’t act on any of that knowledge until recently. Since those beginning days of listening and learning, I realized that more and more people were doing them.​

Some Recommendations

The podcast that really got me into listening regularly is The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman. Her podcasts are short, simple and so encouraging. I have listened to her podcast almost every week since her first one. If you have any sort of decision fatigue, her podcast is a must! I love her soothing voice and her references to pop culture sometimes too.​

Another podcast I really enjoy is the Purpose Driven Mom Show by my friend, Cara Harvey. Her podcast is filled with all things motherhood and developing systems to help you along your life journey. She has some business tips for mompreneurs in some episodes as well. Seriously, I have learned so much from her and she is such a kind and caring woman! Cara has taught me a lot in her podcasts and other avenues as well. Check it out, I know you will love it!​

For a fun and fulfilling podcast, you should check out That Sounds Fun by Annie F. Downs. Her infectious laugh makes her show worth it. She is so down to earth and has awesome guests on her show. She has had a few series on Enneagram and you are in for a treat at Christmas time with Annie! Her podcast is fun, rewarding and a great add to your listening each week.​

A few more

Every week you can tune into the The Habits of Health Community zoom call on Wednesday night at 8:30 pm (EST) live, but if you miss it, it is okay! There is a podcast channel for this gold nugget of a encouragement for your midweek. The name is Optavia Habits of Health Community Time Podcast and it really does touch so many aspects of health to help you learn to create overall well being. I love the encouragement, lessons learned and positivity I get from these every single Wednesday. If you are wanting to create optimal health and well being in your life, this podcast is perfect!​

Okay, I will share one more. Again, there are so many out there I could mention. If you want some ideas of some business podcasts I recommend, reach out. I would love to share those with you too.​

The last podcast for today is the Crystal Paine Show. Crystal and her husband Jesse have a great dynamic and bring encouragement to your day. She is so authentic in her podcasts and shares her faith, life tips, family growth and more. I love Crystal and her husband doing these episodes together sharing their life and ways to create a well-rounded life each episode. Let me know if you decide to check this one out!​

I know there are tons more podcasts I could highlight, but these were a few I had on my heart to share today. As I have said a few times, I love learning about new podcasts and the opportunity to grow my mind, heart and life. I added a few more suggestions in the picture above too. If you have some recommendations, pass them along. Comment and let me know!

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