Books, who ever thought I would like books as much as I do? When I was a kid, I remember having reading time. Reading was not always an easy thing for me to do and even though I hated it, I am thankful for the time Mrs. Horning would come to our house and help me learn better skills with reading. Comprehension was always difficult for me too, but I am realizing that the more I read, the more I understand and take in. 

I spent many years rejecting reading and saying I didn’t like to read or I didn’t have time to read. Deep down, I really thought it was a waste of my time. But then, Audiobooks were introduced into my life. I remember the day I decided to “read” a book by audio. I decided to listen to a book while taking my walk in the morning instead of listening to music. This was many years back, even before my health journey began, but somehow I came across audiobooks and I am so very thankful I did.

I remember listening to Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington. She was reading her own book, which is my favorite when listening to an audio book. When the author reads it, I think you get the full grasp of the book. No offense to the book readers out there who do it for the author, it is just my preference. Anyway, I listened to Alli read this book to me and not only did I identify with the book and felt like she was talking right to me, I began a new love for books! I can still remember walking along the path I took and doing my silly loop around the end of a parking lot that looked onto a field and heard Alli say something that hit me right between the eyes. I knew that day, I was a fan of listening to books and couldn’t wait to walk again so I could listen more.

I listened to several books and her book was the start of my mindset shift. I really started my growth once I began my health journey and was introduced to so many more amazing authors and resources for learning and growing. There are so many amazing resources out there!!  Nowadays, I actually pick up books and read them! I still love listening to audiobooks, but I enjoy the time I take to read a book too.  (I have even been on launch teams for new books coming out. Who would have known? ha!) 

So, today I wanted to share a few of the many books that I have grown and learned from. My list to share would be much longer than this, but I wanted to highlight some today. Obviously, Alli’s book Breaking Busy I mentioned above is on the top of my list along with her brand new book that just released this week called Standing Strong, A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Adversity and Living with Confidence. (This book is excellent and yes, I got to be on the launch team for this one! Yay) This book is really cool because it has some of her main points bolded, has discussion questions and action steps at the end of each chapter. (I hear a book club coming soon!?)

Another book that has made a huge impact in my life is The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. This book is so full of wisdom with amazing principles to live by for anyone! Don’t let the title fool you! I was introduced to this book last year and you may have heard me talk about reading a scroll before, it is from this book! It is a super short read and one you will want to refer to often. 

Obviously, the Bible is a life changer for me. God’s Word is the foundation for all I do and there is so much to learn and gain from it daily. Reading The Bible is part of my daily lifeline and I would not be where I am without His Love, Wisdom, Truth, Guidance, Hope, Peace, and on and on! 

It also wouldn’t make much sense for me not to recommend my Habits of Health and LifeBook by Dr. Wayne Anderson. He is the co-founder of my health/coaching program. This is the key to changing my mindset for growth and overall wellness. It is not only full of information for a healthy body, but all the resources to learn to grow in mindset. Whether or not you are part of my program, this book is amazing. If you have followed me at all, you know I often reference the LifeBook and how much it has impacted my growth. I could write a full paper on the benefits, but since I am highlighting lots of books, reach out if you want to know more about this amazing book. 🙂

I knew this would be hard to limit the books so I am sure I will have more to share with you another day. Since most of these books are relating to mindset I will just share a few more.

This book is one you may not have heard of entitled No Place Like Known by Megan Valentine. I really love this book and definitely recommend you taking the time to read (or listen, Megan narrates it herself!). This book is full of mindset shifts that fit for any woman wanting to grow. Megan also has a group on Facebook you can join in called We AreTeam Brave. She has Brave Women’s Wednesday on Facebook Live every Wednesday. She always has awesome guests and you walk away encouraged every week! 

The last book I will talk about today is for fun. I have learned over this last year that it is okay to read for fun sometimes too. I have always loved stories and have actually fallen into the club that you should read a book before the movie. I never would have done that before, but I am so glad I did with this series. Yes, I hope I don’t lose all my credit with you (If I had any in the first place, lol), but I love the Twilight series too. I know it is not at all a mindset growth per se, however, reading these books allowed me some time to let go and just have fun. I don’t know about you, but I find myself always doing something, going somewhere, and feeding my mind with things to learn. I love all the things I do, but part of changing my mindset, was learning it is okay to take time to do something I enjoy too. So, reading this series was a time I took just for me. I even purchased the newest Midnight Sun. I still haven’t finished it, which reminds me to carve out some more time for fun, but I really enjoy getting caught up in a story like that.


Well, I hope these suggestions gave you a little insight on a few mindset books to check out. Believe me, I am So Very Thankful I have taken time to read and grow and hope that you too will enjoy these books. If you have a favorite book that has impacted your life, please share it with me! I would LOVE for you to Hit Reply and let me know!

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